Brand Values

Loyalty + Authenticity

We want integrity to be seen in how we care for our patients and respect our community. 

We want loyalty to be felt from our staff in their transparent and honest communication.

We want authenticity spoken in our brand, delivery of results, and quality of skills in each of our practitioners

As an aesthetic beauty bar which provides non-surgical injectable treatments as well as medical-grade skin care, we aim to modernize the traditional misguided mindset of aesthetics in which unnatural results are commonly seen. 

We make sure to provide proper education on enhancement of features and ethical guidance of what is appropriate or not. 

We are passionate about helping people with their concerns and creating an inclusive environment that caters to all.

Working with our team requires honest patient interaction, meticulous detail, and superior customer service. We work hard to create an environment which is inviting, reassuring and fun.

In building and fostering a strong, reliable and trustworthy team, our goal is to help our patients feel at home in their skin. 

By helping them reach these goals, we hope they look at themselves in a more confident way and express their truest self.

Skin as the Canvas

We cannot create great art without a good canvas; skin before injectables.

At OmniaPiel, skin care and medical grade skin treatments are at the forefront of our consultations. While injectables play a large role in providing prevention, replacement and balance, the skin you’re in, matters first.  

We believe in correcting acne, pigment or other skin conditions prior to providing injectables. By correcting skin concerns first, patients are able to look at themselves with the clearest view without shadows, distractions or painful triggers that tether us down. 

Medical-grade skin care, specifically the use of retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids and hydrators can resurface the skin, aid in acne control, pigment reduction and overall collagen induction, on a daily basis. 

Additionally, in-office medical treatments such as a variety of chemical peels, microneedling with platelet-rich plasma, platelet-rich fibrin matrix, sculptra and RF Microneedling with Potenza induce collagen production of the skin which is slowly lost in our early 20’s. 

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue thus lending to improvement of elasticity, tone, even texture and brighter, healthier, skin.

Facial Balance First

Recommendations are made for patients based on their global assessment and animation. We prioritize facial balance instead of over-enhancement. 

Disrupting the status quo of injectables means getting uncomfortable with the archaic knowledge of what injectables once were.
What do we mean by that? At OmniaPiel our focus is to educate patients on treating the whole face, not just one area. 

We provide a multimodality approach to our care plans which utilize treatments in skin care, medical grade resurfacing, biostimulatory agents, preventative and corrective neuromodulation and structural, volume replacement by ways of strategically placed fillers. 

While traditional areas of enhancement to the lips or cheeks can be beautiful, a thoughtful approach to treating the whole face from the temple region to the mid-face to chin, provides a more natural outcome. Heavily focusing on one area of the face leads to an “augmented” look we aim to avoid. 

We know this perspective of injectable treatment is still in its novice phase of understanding which is why we take our time explaining each area of the face, its aging process, how different layers are best treated and constructing a thorough plan of care—together.

Melanin Educated and Celebrated

Expertise + inclusion of all skin tones with ethnic considerations. 

Global consideration of ethnic background is a cornerstone of OmniaPiel’s belief and mission. 

We prides ourselves in not only treating but experiencing different skin types as our team is multi-ethnic and have our own personal skin journeys. 

Having education of different skin types, how they present, respond to the sun and trauma and react to different skin care and treatments are imperative in creating an inclusive community. 

Aesthetics should see ALL.

Outcomes Over Income

We will say NO to treatment if it is not in the patient’s best interest.

Patient safety and results are of the highest importance amongst us.

Oftentimes, patients perceive their concerns through a magnified lense which overemphasizes an area. As ethical providers, we are here to say NO when necessary or gently guide you towards a different treatment option which better serves you. 

Many practices pride themselves on upselling their patients which often lead to unnatural results. Rest assured, at OmniaPiel, our providers will be transparent and honest in their approach.

Always Learning

From our practitioners doing regular, ongoing training to our front desk and support staff, we are ALWAYS learning and working to improve our systems, processes, and the overall patient experience. 

In addition, OmniaPiel seeks the uncomfortable and disdains complacency. We look forward to learning new techniques, skills and perspectives.

Lauren, our co-founder and lead injector is a faculty member of both Allergan Medical institute (AMI) and Galderma Aesthetic Injection (GAIN). She is also a brand ambassador and Key Opinion Leader for Allergan Aesthetics.

This role allows for OmniaPiel’s exposure to the newest innovations being introduced to the aesthetic industry and consistent training opportunities with leaders across the world.

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