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OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics takes a multi-dimensional approach to refreshing, reviving and obtaining

OmniaPiel prides itself on being an inclusive community which gears its treatments towards all people of color and demographics. We want all of our patients to “feel at home in their skin” and know that this is accessible and doable with a customized care plan tailored to each individual. It is of utmost importance that patients know when receiving treatments with us, we care about our relationship, safety and outcomes.

Our Founder

Eager to implement a natural approach to facial aesthetics and treat skin conditions, effectively but gently, Lauren and her husband founded OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics.

Education and continued training is the most important aspect of Lauren’s career and her mission amongst her team in what is provided to patients. Lauren has completed formal training with:

  • Sylvia Sylvestri, RN, with focus on microneedling treatments with PRP/PRFM.
  • Advanced facial balancing both needle and cannula techniques with Dr. Steve Yoelin and Neekan Rivera.
  • Specialty training with Dr. Jeffrey Joseph and Adrienne Easterling with focus on the delicate under-eye area.
  • Advanced assessment, anatomy and skills in cadaver training with Dr. Jonathan Sykes, Dr. Davis Sadaat, Dr.Kian Karimi and PA, Nicola Lowry.
  • Advanced training in Sculptra with NP, Kelly Choi.
  • Advanced facial PDO thread lift utilizing Mint PDO

Lauren has been lucky enough to call Vanessa Lee, RN- Founder of the The Things We Do – her mentor who has been largely instrumental in her career. Her approach to facial balancing as well as PDO thread lifting has been the foundation of Lauren’s techniques.

In 2022, Lauren was nominated and accepted as Allergan AMI Faculty National Trainer & Speaker. This has been a pivotal point in her career as well as a huge honor in being able to not only to provide education to other aesthetic providers, but to be considered one of the best injectors across the nation.

When Lauren is not in the clinic, managing staff, or providing training, she is spending time with her 3 children at home and her husband, Dr. Jorge Castellanos.

Our Team

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