Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Patients

These questions reflect the concerns and needs of patients, ensuring they are well-prepared for their appointments and understand the treatments, costs, and aftercare involved.

Availability and Wait Times:

Appointments are dependent on the provider being seen but can be offered as soon as this week or over the next few months.

Appointments are offered from 10 am to 5 pm.

Yes, we offer select Saturdays at both our offices.

Provider Qualifications and Specializations:

We have a variety of providers who have all been trained by our owner and expert injector, Lauren Timpe. All providers at OmniaPiel specialize in the art of consultation and provide thorough education on the menu of services we have. We are particularly skilled at full facial rejuvenation and have a wide range of treatments to select from.

All of our providers are medical professionals and hold a wide range of degrees and certifications. Dr. Jorge is our Medical Director, holding an MD from Harvard Medical School. Lauren is a Registered Nurse and faculty trainer for Allergan and Galderma. Precious, Dawn, and Aline are all Registered Nurses. All providers are licensed in the state of CA and have been certified in all services offered.

Treatment-Specific Questions:

This is treatment-dependent and varies per individual. Please book a consultation to discuss with one of our expert providers.

Yes, but we defer to our provider during the consultation to guide in both the safety and efficacy of treatments.
It is preferred to exercise prior to your appointment, avoid alcohol for 2-5 days, start arnica if you are someone who easily bruises or would like to improve recovery time, and discontinue actives in your skin regimen to decrease any possible sensitivity.

This will be discussed at your appointment with your provider but general post-care measures involve icing, Tylenol if needed, arnica tablets to speed recovery, and avoidance of certain exercises, which your provider will educate you on.

Financing & Policy Information:

Yes, our providers will not move forward with treatment without a consultation.

Yes, please contact our offices for pricing.
Our company reinforces a 96-hour cancellation policy. We kindly ask you to adhere to that.

We offer care credit at this time but do not have any other financing options available. However, our providers are aware of and understand the importance of budget and comfortability with treatments. A unique care plan will be customized to you.

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