Dawn Montieth RN, BSN

Dawn Montieth RN, BSN

Aesthetic Injector

Dawn graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and in her first four years, gained experience as a Cardiothoracic, Neuro, Preoperative, and Postoperative nurse.

Dawn’s introduction to aesthetics began as she sought treatment for her adult onset acne and hyperpigmentation. While seeking treatment for her own skin, she became exposed to the world of facial aesthetics, particularly how natural and undetectable its outcomes could be in the right injector’s hands.

Dawn has been mentored and trained by Lauren Timpe-Castellanos, RN, co-founder of OmniaPiel, for the past two years. Dawn has been fortunate enough to continue to learn and train with some of the best in the industry. She’s constantly learning and refining her techniques to provide safe and desired outcomes.

As an aesthetic injector and skincare specialist, Dawn curates a modernized experience for each of her patients that celebrates their unique beauty. With her keen eye for detail and conservative approach, she seeks to take you on a self care journey that focuses on you feeling and looking like the best version of yourself.

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