With OmniaPiel’s micro-needling procedure, the Dermapen 3™, is used. This utilizes a sterile cartridge containing 12 micro-needles which vertically pierce the skin through an advanced oscillating technique. This creates micro injury to the skin prompting the inflammatory process which results in an increased production of collagen.


Micro-needling has many benefits for patients with all skin types and color. It heavily focuses on but is not limited to treating the following concerns: aging skin, vertical lip lines, hyperpigmentation, loose, dull skin, enlarged/dilated pores, stretch marks and scars (acne, surgical, and burns). The results of micro-needling include, improved skin texture creating a smoother and softer appearance, tighter more firm skin, improved pigmentation from sun damage or melasma and ultimately a rejuvenated appearance.


A topical local anesthetic (TLA) is applied to the epidermis for 20-25 minutes. Prior to beginning treatment, your aesthetic nurse will remove the TLA and cleanse the face. The treatment duration lasts 20-30 minutes in which multiple passes of the pen are moved over the face in four different directions. Depending on the skin condition, your aesthetic nurse can help you customize your treatment with a serum targeting your specific concerns. Commonly used agents are hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Foreseeable Risks and Discomforts


Mirco-needling treatments are not suitable for patients experiencing the following conditions: papulopustular rosacea, cystic acne, active herpes simplex, warts, scleroderma (autoimmune disease) open lesions, solar keratosis (thickened, scaly growths caused by the sun), skin cancer, hemophilia and pregnancy.

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