Neuromodulators weaken muscle contracitlity thus softening and in some cases, completely smoothing, facial wrinkles.


Depending on your age, quality of life and skin care, some patients are able to obtain a very smooth complexion while others can soften and refresh the skin. Areas most commonly treated are the glabella (11s), forehead and crows feet. Ask your provider about any other areas these modulator can help!


Neuromodualtors are an intramuscular injection requiring penetration beneath the skin. The takes somewhere between 20-45 minutes. Full results of treatment are seen between 3-14 days. In the case a patient requires a touch up, we will not re-inject until day 14 as we need to see full results before proceeding.

Foreseeable Risks and Discomforts

Botox is called the “lunchtime” procedure for a reason. It fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. However, at OP we don’t like our patients to feel rushed and do a thorough consult each time before material is placed. This ensures the practitioner and patient are on the same page. As with any injections, there is slight discomfort when the needle is placed under the skin. Ice is applied prior for a natural anesthetic and helps the treatment to be considerably more comfortable. Slight swelling or “wheels” are desired when material is injected but will dissipate after 20-30 minutes. Ice can be applied after for comfort. Bruising is not common but definitely possible. Some patients are more vascular than others and while we try our best to avoid major veins, it is not always doable. If you have an egg allergy, history of Lou Gehrig’s, peripheral nerve issues, myasthenia gravis, previous muscle weakness with carcinoma, blurred or double vision or drooping upper lids, you are not a candidate for neurotoxin. If you have an active infection, we will not treat you with botox at that time. There are a few things to avoid prior to and after injections:
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours PRIOR
  • Do not exercise 24 hours AFTER treatment
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours AFTER treatment
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours AFTER treatment (this risks solution dispersing to aresa we do NOT want it!)
  • A headache post treatment should be treated with Tylenol. Avoid blood thinning meds such as Aleve, ibuprofen or Excedrin.


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